Google Base basicly a basic DBASE

Well then, the baby is out, and got some bad reviews:

Bottom Line: This is not a very interesting application in its current form. Keith Teare says it’s like a 1985 dBASE file with less functionality. It’s ugly. It’s centralized content with less functionality than ebay or craigslist. The content is not integrated directly into Google search results, but “relevance? can bump it up into main and local search (and froogle).

TechCrunch » Google Base Launched. Yuck.


Only one link away:

Google launched GoogleBase last night. What a disappointment. Whilst Google Reader clearly points to somebody at Google “getting? the importance of edge published content and real-time indexing, GoogleBase is a throw back.

Archimedes Ventures LLC » Blog Archive » Google launches Dbase, circa 1985, but with less functionality

There has been gmailfs, flickrfs, and I’m sure someone will implement comes up with a GoogleBase based RDF silo

But Google does seem to undermine direct attempts:

Flickr Photo
so long


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