IsiSetup is APT for configs

Mark Shuttleworth was recently interviewed by the 451 group. He talked about Ubuntu growing into the server market. A few use cases that should be covered to make Ubuntu more server-ready are collected in the ServerCandy specification:

Company foo wants to replace their servers and they want a simple install/long time supported platform. They must be able to choose Ubuntu without any fear.
* They want to test if their hardware is compatible with Ubuntu.
* They want a single CD install with the best selection of server software with great flexibility.
* They want to be able to use a RCS to handle their config files, specially during deployment to verify local changes and be able (if required) to redistribute them with just a push/pull.

The last point, use a RCS to manage config files, is further described in its own specification. Well, reading this specification made me shudder…

We’ve been busy working on a set of scripts to manage the /etc directory using a revision control tool. While it was always intended to be released under an opensource license, it was in stealth mode up ’till now. The recognition that others group together to tackle the same exact problem requests the immediate release of…


I’m currently setting up the the homepage for IsiSetup, where sources, Debian packages and some preliminary documentation are available. You may mail me or my coworkers at Logintas (which sponsored most of the development).


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