Ok, here’s some progress report:
1. First model built using included cookbook
2. KDE 3.5 handles Bluetooth quite well and was used to install NXT Mobile Application on two Sony Ericsson K350i phones.
3. It’s funny to use a mobile phone to remote controll LEGO
4. The original software only runs on Windows and Mac OS X, wine doesn’t work
5. The simplest way to reset is to boot from the system installation CD.
6. There’s quite a lot of Linux software out there… But it’s not as simple to use as the original software…


One thought on “Mindstorm

  1. It was realy funny, to remote the LEGO-Robot with a mobilephone!

    I think, this small, unimpressive engine would be in a few years in every household. It would be the new game-console for young peoples šŸ˜€

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