[Feisty Fawn] enable guided partitioning of free space

If you don’t have unpartitioned space on your drive, but would like to delete an existing partition and use this space, here’s the HOWTO…

The ‘use larges free space’ option in the Kubuntu Feisty Fawn partitioner is only available if there is some unpartitioned space. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the manual partitioner, delete a partition and choose the mentioned method. The IMHO simplest method is to close the installer, open up konsole (ALT-F2 -> konsole), start cfdisk (‘sudo cfdisk /dev/hda’ where /dev/hda is the drive you’d like to partition) and delete the partition. Then start the installer again. Now the ‘free space’ method should be available.

There might be a possibility to use the visual partitioner instead of cfdisk, but I don’t know. Leave a comment if YOU do…


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