Buy the server if you can’t get the card

Our Compaq ProLiant ML 350 G2 is our “Achilles’ heel“. We don’t have spare parts for this machine. It’s the only SCSI system, running 3 Disks as a hardware RAID 5. The controller is some kind of Compaq SMART Array controller. Well, it didn’t work anymore after one boot. All the data still there, mirrored and all… but we couldn’t get at it. A few calls later we knew that a new, original controller would be available in 5 to 10 business days:-( Later that day, we found out that all Compaq SMART Array controller should be data compatible! We thus searched on Ebay et all, but didn’t find a local offer. We ordered a card from Germany, but they didn’t react on phone calls or faxes. Ramon did some more Ebay browsing and found one shop selling Compaq ProLiant ML 360 Rack servers for a reasonable price. We did only realize that a rack server probably will have an onboard SCSI controller when we got it. Well, it didn’t provide a SCSI cable connector, but only 2 DH slots. Problem was, that the controller did complain about changed order of disks, and changing disks didn’t help. It was only the last combination we tried that made the server boot with the degregated RAID 5 Array.


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