KDE4 Oxygen Dolphin Screenshot

Yeah… Keep it going…
KDE4 Oxygen Style Dolphin Screenshot

[00:32] aseigo: wow, the oxygen stuff looks already pretty sexy
[00:33] aseigo: http://developer.kde.org/~danimo/screenies/dolphin-oxygen.png
[00:36] looks nice, yeah..
[00:36] there’s some funny bugs, though, like how the oxygen widget style prevents drag and drop working properly
[00:36] aseigo: sure it’s buggy, but it’s good enough to end up in my monthly propaganda column 🙂


2 thoughts on “KDE4 Oxygen Dolphin Screenshot

  1. YES ! At last a good looking qt widget style !!! Also a DEFAULT good looking qt widget style !! Good Looking KDE = step 1 towards world domination.

    And there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth…

  2. woaah…. WAY better than any preview of Oxygen I’ve ever saw, this can actually compete with OS X in terms of beauty and it’s gonna be the _default_…. now I’m beginning to believe that KDE4 will boost the popularity of Linux to the levels unknown before 😉

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