Content aware resize

While Vista makes me shudder, this make me Wow!

Not scalling, not cropping, but changing the proportions while preserving the content of the image.

Maybe our lonely graphix warrior Zack or good old mosfet get crazy over this idea…?


3 thoughts on “Content aware resize

  1. i think it’s a nice feature, but i don’t understand jet if this movie is about the new kde or abouth vista…

    sorry, irgendöppis staht grad uf minere leitig =) =) =)

  2. @thekleine: It’s just an algorithm, there are implementations for different systems. Not KDE or Vista specific…

    @ramon: Just googling for liquid resize brings up quite some implementations. There’s a gimp plugin at provided as .deb for Debian and Ubuntu. You need to ‘save link…’ as it will open as text otherwise… After restarting gimp you’ll find a ‘Liquid rescale…’ item in the ‘Layer’ menu when you’ve opened an image. Be aware that it’ll take massive amounts of memory (or even fail) if the image’s too big. A few hunderd KBs seems manageable, though.

    The gimp plugin doesn’t seem to be the fastest or best, but easiest to use…

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