About Simon Hürlimann (huerlisi)

My name is Simon Hürlimann, I’m a Swiss Guy from Zug. I’m a long time KDE user and opensource evangelist.

Computer Stuff
I’m doing much sysadmin work using Puppet on Ubuntu servers. A few oldish ProLiants running Xen instances…
Other activities include developing some web-application using Ruby On Rails for a small cytological Laboratory.

My Webspace
You find my personal Website at http://www.huerlisi.ch, and my weblog at https://huerlisi.wordpress.com. Those are both mostly tech oriented. Beside my programming/sysadmin work, I opened up a small retail store for handmade oriental products like lamps, ceramic, hookhas etc. Find out more at http://www.agrabah.ch or visit our store at http://shop.agrabah.ch. Well, enough self-advertisement for now;-) (mmh… forgot the major one: http://www.cyt.ch the virtual home of a very open(source) linux support company (me and a good friend).

Keep on hacking! Regards Simon simon.huerlimann@huerlisi.ch


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