Take part of the KDE relicensing effort

KDE needs a relicensing! While I’m not happy that the release of the GPL3 made such an effort necessary… But now it’s important to handle it fast and correct. Please give your feedback to techbase or use SVN:

svn co svn+ssh://$user@svn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts
vi scripts/relicensecheck.pl & add your name to all the four lists (that is if you agree to all four options)
svn ci scripts -m “I agree to a relicense”

As Tom Albers says:
“Really, it’s not more than a minute of work for you.”


Using KDE4 daily

I’m running KDE4 RC1 as my main desktop for 2 days now. Only few crashes, so productivity is good. But there are many small bugs. And it’s not very fast/responsive. But this is at least partially to blame on all the debug code.

Quite happy so far! It’s shaping up! Please test!!!

Packages from Kubuntu: HOWTO
KDE Four Live: openSUSE based Live CD
KDE4Daily: full virtual machine image with efficient update mechanism to SVN head

Please report any possibilities to try out KDE4 the easy way in the comments section:-)

The promised HL7 update

Well, I’m multitasking heavily between project. I told you about my HL7 explorations. That project is on hold for a few weeks (due to my oscommerce setup for Agrabah and other projects). But here’s the link to some interesting opensource medical software: Elexis. It contains some HL7 importers and helps me a lot to see an actual implementation. Another helpfull source is the ruby-hl7 library. More later…

osCommerce Tools available

I’m setting up an online store for oriental lifestyle products for Agrabah.

osCommerce is an opensource online store implementation. It’s implemented using PHP and there is a tonload of contributions available.

Most contributions are simple zip files containing additional or modified files. There’s a big problem when using multiple contributions modifying the same files. I’m using a distributed revision tool to merge those contributions. Here is the first release of some of the osc-tools

I’ll publish branches of those osCommerce contributions I’m using at the Agrabah Online Store.

Agrabah ist schuld!!!

Long time no post. Well, I blame it on Agrabah. It the small oriental store in the NeudorCenter in Cham, Switzerland I opened up with 2 friends. Don’t go to www.agrabah.ch for now. The site hasn’t been updated since the opening on 8.9.2009:-(

Health LevelĀ 7
You’ll see some more posts in the next few days. I intend to use this Blog to make notes about my diving into HL7 (Health Level 7). I got a small project going that includes reporting cytological data from the labors system into the doctors. Stay tuned for more opensource medical blog blobs…