Working with plain ugly HTML

I’m currently doing some webdesign for the Shisha distributor we get our Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco for Agrabah. It started as a clone of the Al Fakher homepage. It’s just plain ugly HTML!!! I realy hate this copy’n’paste code after doing a good while of Ruby On Rails work… Even PHP is nicer…


Agrabah ist schuld!!!

Long time no post. Well, I blame it on Agrabah. It the small oriental store in the NeudorCenter in Cham, Switzerland I opened up with 2 friends. Don’t go to for now. The site hasn’t been updated since the opening on 8.9.2009:-(

Health LevelĀ 7
You’ll see some more posts in the next few days. I intend to use this Blog to make notes about my diving into HL7 (Health Level 7). I got a small project going that includes reporting cytological data from the labors system into the doctors. Stay tuned for more opensource medical blog blobs…